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Riders of the Month Archive

In November 2014, Ichabod Crane High School proudly began a new tradition of honoring our students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

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February 2022

  • Sophia Karic, 9th grade, is an incredibly hard, dedicated young woman. She joined Model UN this year and has worked incredibly hard to learn about how it works, becoming an important member of the club as a freshman. She recently participated in the Harvard Model UN Conference, and came out with experiences and constructive criticism about ways to improve our development as a club. She has a positive attitude that she brings to all she does.
  • Blaise Perez, 9th grade, is respectful of all teachers and students. He is polite and kind and always willing to help. He never causes any issues because he is so respectful of everyone else. He is very deserving of this award.
  • While walking by Mia Batts (10th grade) and Ariana Melanson in the hallway, I saw Mia reach out and gently tap Ariana on her back and said to her, “It’s a new semester, you got this.” I felt how wonderful the support she is giving in that moment, and how observing that uplifted my day as well.
  • Carien Zietsman (10th grade) is always willing to help other students and listen to their ideas. She shows respect to me by always saying hello and checking in with how my day is going during first block.
  • Victoria Pinto (11th grade) has been an asset to class this year. She works hard on turning in her best work and she always has a positive attitude. Victoria offers valuable insights to discussions and listens attentively and respectfully to what her classmates have to say
  • Colin Braswell (11th grade) is an excellent student and a very strong writer. Not only is he a quality student, but he is also a friendly face with a great sense of humor. Class would not be the same without Colin’s perceptive contributions to class discussions and terrific personality.
  • Brett Richards (12th grade) is an incredible person all the way around. He is polite, respectful, kind, and humble. He is a true leader in every sense of the word. Both on and off the court, Brett carries himself with dignity. His positive attitude, consistent smile, and maturity are infectious and serve as an example for all. Brett’s teammates and classmates look up to him and he is a perfect example of an Ichabod Crane Rider.
  • Toby Greer (12th grade) is a positive role model in the classroom and in the community. He has a great sense of humor and works hard in class. Toby is always willing to offer a helping hand and is supportive of his peers. Toby has helped to plan Spirit Week and pep rallies the past 3 years and has served as the Student Council Treasurer for the past 2 years. Toby loves being part of the Jazz ensemble and cross country team and his positive outlook makes him a pleasure to work with both in and out of the classroom.

January 2022 

  • Sam Altomer (9th grade) is a hard-working and responsible student. Even with all the chores and work he must do on the farm he’s alert in class, incredibly polite and always willing to participate. This is a very responsible young man.
  • What a delight Jaden Pelas (9th grade) is! He comes in ready to work every day. He is pleasant, respectful, asks for help when he needs it, and stays focused and on task regardless of what may be going on around him. He’s also eager to help when someone else is struggling. We are so proud of him!
  • Isabella Scott (10th grade) is a hardworking and helpful person. She’s easy-going, friendly and a leader in the art classroom. Isabella’s kindness, consideration for others, and positive attitude make her a perfect example of a Rider of the Month!
  • Scott Bertram (10th grade) is generous with his kindness and shares it with all. He is always positive and works hard each class.
  • Oliver Deleissegues (11th grade) is a very hardworking, dedicated young man. He balances his work at school with sports, clubs, a job, and a commitment to scouts. Oliver has become a dedicated member of the indoor track team with a great work ethic and desire to improve. He takes coaching well and is honest with himself and with his coaches about where he needs to improve. Similarly, in Model UN Oliver dove headfirst into the work. He pushed himself and his partners in the club to prepare for the Harvard Model UN Conference and excelled at the conference itself.
  • Ashley Ames (11th grade)is extremely honest about her abilities, both scholarly and athletically. She knows when she is outstanding in something and is also very honest about a shortcoming or if she has not done as well as expected in school or in a sport. We admire her honesty.
  • Lily Gould (12th grade) is an incredibly hard working, honest, and dedicated young woman who is excelling in New Visions currently. Lily is deeply involved and dedicated to her work in the Model UN Club and various other school organizations here at Ichabod. During this month, Lily helped her club prep for the Harvard Model UN Conference and played an important role in the club being ready to excel while at the conference!
  • Ali Impomeni (12th grade) is very honest about her feelings and emotions. She is not afraid to show how she is feeling, in a very appropriate way. Honesty is one of Ali’s strongest characteristics. She is always willing to express her feelings and emotions, and she applies this characteristic to both her academics and her personal life.

December 2021

  • Brendan Lockmer (9th grade) is a motivated student who thinks outside of the box. He is dedicated French horn player. At the HC dance, Brendan took it upon himself to monitor the dance floor for used water bottles and wrappers. Brendan cleaned up any garbage he found.
  • Sarah Balon (9th grade) is always extremely positive during class and excited to learn. Sarah volunteered to help set up for the HC dance and even returned for cleanup even though she had a prior commitment and was unable to attend the dance.
  • Aidan Pavelsky (10th grade) is a terrific student who is a hard worker. He is taking initiative to complete his work and help others.
  • Johnny Sanchez’s (10th grade) teachers are grateful for how hard Johnny is working! He is a pleasure to have in class. He is genuinely polite and respectful.
  • Jack Sweeney (11th grade) made it a point to help out a student who was having difficulties and made that student more comfortable. Jack is a solid performer in class and is often concerned with the welfare of others.
  • Connor Ackerley (11th grade0 is a pleasure to have in class. He is polite and hard working. Connor has excellent class participation and we are grateful to have him in class!
  • Caitlin Owen (12th grade) is a consistent performer in class. She is an exceptional artist and is generous with her gifts of artwork. She brings a lot of personality and enthusiasm to all of her social interactions.
  • Reagan Rose (12th grade) has been a consistent participant in class and recently did a fantastic job with her Parti Gov presentation on the Government in the News. She is consistently on top of her work and is a delight to have in class.

October 2019

  • Jeanne Blau, 9th grade, is kind and a wonderful presence, always supporting her peers when they are having a bad day. She is also an academic leader, willing to lead class discussions and providing an example for her peers by consistently being prepared and working her hardest to excel.
  • Austin Bailey, 9th grade, is very respectful, polite and always works hard in class. He is always willing to help others and has a great attitude towards his teachers and peers.
  • Owen Warner, 10th grade, works so hard in class and after school to ensure his success in his classes. He is always polite and respectful to everyone he encounters during the course of the day.
  • Eva Bella Velasco, 10th grade, is a model of enthusiasm and preparedness. She gives other students in class supportive comments about their contributions and makes useful suggestions to help others do even better.
  • Dantes Tapler, 11th grade, is a polite and extremely respectful of both his peers and adults. He makes great use of his class time and is always willing to help someone out.
  • Erin Curry, 11th grade, is polite, respectful of both peers and adults, and is always encouraging/supportive of her classmates. She works hard and is a pleasure to have in class.
  • Emily Wall, 12th grade, is a hard-working individual who supports others and exemplifies a personal commitment to excellence.
  • Gabe Michalko, 12th grade, is always enthusiastic about class. He is well behaved and friendly toward everyone as he helps set a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. He is very motivated to learn.

September 2019

  • Ashley Ames, 9th grade, has a great attitude in each class and is always willing to help others. She works well with her peers the adults around her.
  • Michael Walsh, 9th grade, has a good work ethic. He gets his work done and does his best. He is polite & considerate to everyone. Michael is willing to help others and is a role model for other students.
  • Tyshon Richardson, 10th grade, came to us this year from another district and has proven to be a great addition to our Rider family. He is doing great academically and is an asset to our football team. Welcome to ICC!
  • Annabel Cleary, 10th grade, joined Model UN this year for the first time. She dove right in, helping to organize our community fundraiser, Big Truck Day, and getting volunteers. She herself worked tirelessly during the course of the day at admissions, all while doing so with a happy disposition and can-do spirit. She constantly pushes to become more involved and do more to help the club and the other members.
  • Ashlyn Hunter, 11th grade, is an outstanding student who is always prepared for class. Her class participation is strong and she is very helpful to other students in the class. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class.
  • Chase Hart, 11th grade, is a role model for other students in the class. Chase is dependable for work completion and reliable for positive class participation.
  • Ben Seaman, 12th grade, is an inventive and positive peer. He is accountable and will go beyond what is asked of in an assignment.
  • Conner Pesce, 12th grade: We have seen a great deal of maturity in Conner in school, in his assignments and on the Riders football team.

September 2018

  • Christopher Pelez (Topher), 9th grade, has stepped up to show leadership in the classroom. On several occasions, he has gone out of his way to help other students in DDP/CAD with their drawings without being asked.
  •  Jair Gomez, 9th grade, is a kind student who is always ready to work hard in class. He is always well-behaved and polite to everyone. Participates in class and advocates for himself when he needs clarification. Very respectful towards teachers and peers.
  • Justice Suafoa, 10th grade, in the first month of school, she has excelled with his work in Transportation Systems. He is enthusiastic in the class and shows a great desire to do his best.
  • Alex Regan, 11th grade, has gone above and beyond in Aerospace thus far this year. He built parts of his Bottle Rocket using his own 3D printer at home. This extra effort provided results as his rocket performed tops in his class. Alex is a great contributor in all of his classes. He is kind, positive and a great example of an Ichabod Crane Rider!
  • Andrew Broderick, 11th grade, is a well-rounded student with the determination and the drive to excel in his studies. He is a member of the Newspaper Club, the ICSN Club and also the Varsity Club. Andrew is a model student and someone his peers can look at as a leader. Andrew is also a member of the Varsity track team.
  • Keri Cammer, 12th grade, was very concerned about how some of her fellow classmates were acting and expressed a strong feeling about how important it is to be polite to teachers and fellow students. Her willingness to speak up and gain the respect of her classmates and teachers shows what Rider Pride is all about.
  • Owen Clickman, 12th grad, has been taking a leadership role in his aerospace class. He has taken some 9th-grade students under his wing and is working with them in their transition to high school. The selfless nature of Owen’s actions thus far has been impressive, to say the least.

October/November 2018 

  • Alex Everett, 9th grade, hit the ground running after entering his Foundation of Technology class a week into school. He came into a group project and took the lead within his group. He has shown great enthusiasm for the class and future projects.
  • Skyler Carey, 10th grade, is hard-working, compassionate, and helpful to both teachers and students. She is conscientious and positive. Her class participation is outstanding which is extremely helpful to other students who may be struggling.
  • Laelani George, 10th grade, is a very hardworking student. She consistently completes quality work and has her work completed in a timely manner. Laelani is kind and polite to peers and adults. She is a pleasure to have in class.
  • Kimberly Cruz, 10th grade, is such a hard worker. She is always trying and makes sure all her assignments are turned in. Kim has done well asking for help when she needs it and utilizes her resources well to complete assignments for class.
  • Sam Spross, 11th grade, is reliable and works extremely hard. He stays on top of his assignments. Sam is polite and a pleasure to have in class. He is a quiet leader who sets a great example to others.
  • Camryn Hebert, 11th grade, is a hard-working and dedicated student here at ICC and attends the Aviation program at Questar. Her extracurricular activities are impressive and include Class President (Class of 2020), GAC Assistant Treasurer, Ski Club President, a Youth Ministry member at St. James where she also volunteers every Sunday morning and manages to hold a part-time job in her free time. She is also a member of the varsity soccer team in the fall and varsity track in the spring. Camryn is always helpful to both her teachers and her peers.
  • Lauryn Heffner, 12th grade, is a hard-working and diligent student who plans on pursuing a degree in psychology in college. Her ultimate goal is a career in criminal psychology with law enforcement. Lauren is a member of the varsity soccer and softball teams, where she was an integral part of last year’s state championship team. She is also the secretary for GAC.
  • Lucas Fores, 12th grade, is a great student and works hard on all aspects of assignments. He dives into his work and enjoys learning new facts.

December 2018

  • Omari Norbrun, 9th grade, always comes to class with a great attitude and is a very personable kid.
  • Samara Regan, 9th grade, is an inquisitive young mind, very respectful, and a charming wit classify Samara. She’s a standout among her peers and is her own person. An excellent student, and an exceptionally friendly kid that was the first to help out a new student when she arrived here.
  • Gabriel Kelly, 10th grade: “What can’t I say about Gabe? He’s a Renaissance man that does theater, takes AP and Honors classes, and is always smiling and promoting himself and the school in a positive way. He helps out his peers in class and out, and is about the nicest kid I know.
  • Lindsey Bartle, 10th grade. is another Renaissance kid, she’s an artist of incredible talent, involved in just about everything, and a modest, quiet leader in the classroom.
  • Alyssa Wills, 11th grade is inspirational. She conquered her fear of public speaking and volunteered to read the morning announcements – a job she has done very well. Alyssa ensures her work is done well and on time. She is a pleasure to have in class.
  • Shyanne Mabb, 11th grade, is always on task in Study Hall, working on assignments diligently. She is also helpful to other students who are having difficulty with their homework. Shyanne is a very deserving Rider of the Month!
  • Kalista Kopec, 12th grade, went above and beyond in completing her community service project for PartiGov. She worked with Ronald McDonald House to create a new part of their can tab collection, making a new program to use at local restaurants/ bars called Bars for Jars. She then created labeled jars and brought them to establishments, starting with Warren Street in Hudson, to collect said tabs and bottle caps. She hopes to work further with RMDH with this project in the future.
  • Mikayla Weaver, 12th grade, is always ready to help out. She is very dedicated to her class. Mikayla is simply a great kid.

January 2019

  • Elizabeth (Libby) Spensieri is self-motivated, articulate and demonstrates strong leadership qualities. She is a fabulous role model for her peers. Libby is a talented writer and diligent worker. She is compassionate, and always willing to help those around her if they need it. Libby can be found helping teachers, students, working on extra credit, or creating her own stories. I am impressed with Libby’s sense of humor and positive energy! Libby is more than worthy of being this month’s Rider. Congratulations Libby!
  • Mia Baker is a kind and caring classmate. She is always willing to lend a hand to a peer in need and is also an excellent classroom helper. She is a positive role model and a kind, compassionate classmate. Mia is also a very hard-working student. Even when things are difficult, she always gives her best effort with a smile on her face! She approaches each day with a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. It is exciting to watch her learn and grow as both a student and a person. Way to go, Mia! Keep up the great work!
  • Leif Cardinal-Schmitt is a natural choice for Rider of the Month. He walks in the classroom with enthusiasm and is ready to learn. When working with his peers he is a leader, yet listens to all democratically, and with fairness. Leif is a diligent worker and is always happy to help out in our classroom. I am happy to recognize Leif as a Rider of the Month.
  • Spencer Stickles is an all-around talented student. He strives for perfection in all that he does, glowing in the Triple-A: academics, artistically-talented, and athletic. (Not to mention that he excels in band also.) His outstanding character benefits all that know him, both students and teachers alike. “Stick” is always giving of his time and support to help our class community. Thanks, Spencer, for being a part of our class!
  • Madilyn (Maddie) Witherel has made a great transition to 6th grade – All because of her hard work. She always does her work well, on time, and like any conscientious student, asks questions when she needs some help. Maddie is also a supportive classmate and a helpful role model for her peers. Thank you Maddie, for being the best 6th grader you can be!
  • Ronald Pinkowski (Team 7) consistently demonstrating excellent work habits. Ron tries his best on all of his work. He maintains a fantastic homework routine, showing others how much success comes from starting homework on the first night it is assigned, and not procrastinating. These skills, along with his positive attitude, make him a great student and peer!
  • Gabriella (Gabby) Wendelken has shown what a great ICC Rider she is all year. However, this was especially true after her time as a student teacher on student-teacher switch day, and continuing on after that. Gabby showed that she has the skills to be a great student and teacher by staying organized, prioritizing tasks, and planning ahead. She maintains these routines and supports her peers. This contributes to her success and the success of others!
  • Ava Heffner is a kind, compassionate person. She is always helpful to her friends and teachers and will work with anyone. She is a good friend and doesn’t judge others. She is incredibly mature and cooperative. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right and will defend and protect her peers from the hurtful comments of others. Ava takes her school work seriously and is willing to take on a leadership role in her classes. Ava is truly an asset to our team and to her school community.
  • Caroline Small (Team 7/8) is an incredibly hard worker and a pleasure to have in class. She is very diligent with her studies and efforts in all of her classes. Her incredibly organized and well-scheduled study habits have paid off especially in Math, where Caroline earned the highest grade on our team for the midterm exam. Well done, Caroline! Keep up the hard work!
  • Mirian Gomez (Team 8) takes her school work very seriously and always puts in her best effort. She is extremely conscientious in her work and is an exemplary student. In addition, Mirian is a great role model for her peers. She is kind and polite to her classmates and teachers alike. We know that Mirian will go far in life and we can’t wait to see her succeed in the future. Congratulations Mirian!!!
  • Ryan McGuirk (Team 8) is one of the most consistently hard working students on our team. Ryan always has his work in on time and done well. We appreciate that Ryan can be paired with anyone because he is so easy-going and kind. Beneath his laid back exterior, we know that he has an acerbic wit and sly sense of humor that we enjoy! Congratulations Ryan!

February 2019

  • Reileigh Lasher is a great student and a great kid in every way. Reileigh is pleasant, always does what is asked, always hands in all of her work, and is an all-around fantastic student to have in class.
  • Aaron Cruz is a hard worker. He always does what is asked and is always respectful and polite to peers and adults. Aaron has a quick wit that is entertaining and appropriate, making class enjoyable.
  • Joan Bortugno is very cooperative and attentive in class. She is helpful to other students, consistently has her work completed, and is a dream to have in class!
  • Corbyn Riley is a very hard worker. His homework and classwork are always done with his best effort and without complaint. Corbyn is polite and kind to everyone. He is reliable and dependable. He is a true role model for his peers.
  • Haydon Broockmann is a pleasure to have in class. He is polite and kind to peers and adults. He consistently completes his classwork and homework. Haydon is a strong role model for his peers.
  • Cameron Phippen has a fantastic sense of humor which makes each and every day better for those around her. She has high expectations of herself and a strong work ethic. She consistently completes high-quality work. She is a terrific student and great to have in class.
  • Donovan Brown is always pleasant, positive, and ready to give encouragement to his classmates. He is willing to grow academically, socially, and athletically. It has been a joy to watch the process.
  • Nicole Pulcher greets every day with a smile and is supportive of her classmates and teachers. She always has a fresh perspective and explains it in a way that is never confrontational. As she approaches graduation, she appears confident and ready to excel in whatever she chooses to do after high school.

April 2019

  • Thomas Cooper is a nice kid, who always does what he’s asked. Has a great sense of humor and a great attitude toward everything.
  • Nikki Hilbert is always eager to help someone. She is very kind, especially to those students who seem to be having a difficult time, and is an advocate for many. She takes her schoolwork seriously and is a pleasure to have in class.
  • Allyson Casey is a great student to have in class. She works hard, stays on top of her assignments and is always pleasant to her peers and teachers. She is an athlete, and successfully balances her time between schoolwork and practices.
  • Sophia Dunn: Sophia is a very hard working and responsible student. If she cannot finish schoolwork to her satisfaction during class time, she stays after or comes in during her study hall. She strives for excellence in all her assignments.
  • Rama Culver: Rama is a well-rounded, fantastic student. He has a laid back, thoughtful approach to life which serves as a strong role model for others in the classroom. Rama consistently completes all of his classwork and is willing to seek clarification should he need to do so. Rama is an absolute pleasure to have in class.
  • Michael Vecellio represented Ichabod Crane at the NYS Conference All-State Music Festival this school year. He earned a level 6, 100% on his vocal solo last year and subsequently earned a level 6, 100% on his vocal solo again in April. He is a student who exemplifies what it means to work hard in order to achieve a goal. He not only demonstrates a high level of artistry on collegiate level music, but also exhibits responsibility, respect, and leadership within the school community.
  • Anthony Carlucci is a hard working student who is helpful to his teachers and peers. He is President of the Varsity Club, Captain of the Varsity Soccer team and a member of the outdoor track team. Anthony exudes Ichabod Crane spirit and is a supporter of his classmates.
  • Tyler Halstead is a pleasure to have in class. He has a great attitude and is willing to work hard. He is very helpful to others and not afraid to ask for help when he needs it. Tyler is willing to go the extra mile to reach his goals after graduation.

May 2019

  • Avery Bates, 9th grade, has challenged herself by taking upper-level art classes as a freshman. She has volunteered for community service at the Olde Kinderhook Fair, spending the afternoon sharing her talents doing face painting for children.
  • Brayden Favitta, 9th grade, has made a conscious effort to improve his grades and focus his attention. He takes pride in being in charge of his learning. Brayden is not afraid to try new things- he has joined the track team, a new sport for him.
  • Aidan Swere, 10th grade, is a terrific student that impresses us with his willingness to help his fellow peers and faculty members. Aidan is a wonderful leader and is essential to Tech Club. Aidan was responsible for creating more than half of the teacher hall passes made by Tech Club.
  • Kailey Switzer, 10th grade, is very sweet and responsible. She is helpful in class and is enthusiastic about learning.
  • Kelsey Coons, 11th grade, cares about school and works hard. She participated in the Mock Car Crash, and has been doing a lot of work preparing for prom. She is energetic, cheerful, and very dedicated to school.
  • Cheyenne Rathbun, 11th grade, has shown great improvement and effort in US History and English 11 as of late. She has put tremendous effort into ensuring that her grades are strong this quarter and that effort has paid off. She has stayed after school and utilized any free time she has had during recent days to ask for extra help and finish lengthy assignments. We are so proud of her!
  • Haley Salvagione, 12th grade, is a quiet, kind, and helpful student. She is a loyal and valued friend, and a cooperative student who has been putting in commendable effort toward her graduation goals.
  • Erin Lanzer, 12th grade, is a hard worker and has been enthusiastic about her classwork, despite the quickly-approaching end of the semester. She is kind to others and has a positive attitude.