Riders of the Month

In November 2014, Ichabod Crane High School proudly began a new tradition of honoring our students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.


Ichabod Crane Riders of the Month are posted the month following the one they are recognized for. Scroll past the names to see pictures of the February 2021 ROTM.

Liam Genchur, 9th Grade

“Liam has shown great improvement in his work. He is polite to his teachers and peers. Liam is completing all of his work in a timely fashion and is putting forth a great deal of effort in all of his classes to be successful.”

Jack Mullins, 9th Grade

“Jack is a hard-working student who readily participates in class. He is always ready to work, and brings great insights to our class discussions.”

D’Artagnan Tapler, 10th Grade

“D’Artagnan brings fantastic energy to the classroom. He has a great sense of humor which always brightens my day. In addition, D’Artagnan is a reliable student who consistently completes quality work in person and when remote learning.”

Finley Waits, 10th Grade

“Finley is a great young lady. She is new to ICC this year, and she is always willing to put forth her ideas in conversation and interact productively with other students. This aspect of her character is much appreciated! Her work is always of high quality.”

Haley Hems, 11th Grade

“Haley is awesome! She is a conscious student who is consistently on top of all of her work. We love Haley’s participation and contributions to class discussions. Haley does a great job communicating with her teachers. She is always willing to help others – adults and peers. She is an active participant at the Stuyvesant Fire Company, supporting the community. She is an all-around great kid.”

Gil Meza, 11th Grade

“Gil is a very polite, hardworking young man. He has matured tremendously and is taking his academics very seriously. He frequently stays after school for clarification and understanding of the subject material. It is a pleasure to see his efforts for success. Very fine young man.

Emma Brusie, 12th Grade

“Emma Brusie is a really cool, down-to-earth person, who values nature and cares about the world. She is a very talented artist who dives into creative challenges wholeheartedly. Emma is kind, patient and helpful in the classroom. Not only is she hardworking, but she is also filled with wonder. She is a lot of fun to be around and has a positive outlook that is calming. She uses her voice to be a positive leader in the classroom!”

Jason Chen, 12th Grade

“Jason Chen is a wonderful, conscientious student who works very hard on his schoolwork. Achieving high grades is very important to Jason, who has a deep appreciation for the opportunities he has been given. Not only does he keep up with his schoolwork, but also works in his parents’ restaurant after school and on the weekend. Jason brings a sense of cultural awareness to the classroom, which benefits Advanced Drawing & Painting in a way that contributes to the thoughtfulness of the art we produce. Jason has a great sense of humor and is a kind person. ”

Riders of the Month Pictures