Riders of the Month

In November 2014, Ichabod Crane High School proudly began a new tradition of honoring our students that demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by high school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, volunteering in the Pre-K classroom and in the community.

Scroll past names to see pictures of the latest High School (Grades 9-12) Riders of the Month.


Ronald Pinkowski, 9th Grade

“Ron is a model student. He is always working on his assignments and doesn’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. He is polite, friendly and hard-working. It is a pleasure to have him as a student.”

Devin Smith, 9th Grade

“Devin is a hard-working student, who always gets his work in on time. He is usually the first student on a Google Meet and always has a great attitude.”

Brandon Meltz, 10th Grade

“Brandon has shown great improvement in the last month. He volunteers and participates regularly in class and completes his work on time. He brings a great sense of humor to class which is appreciated.”

Brianna Hollister, 10th Grade

“Brianna is a student with a great sense of humor who can always add positivity to the discussion in class. She has an engaging personality–witty, intelligent, and polite. She is also a great athlete, and enjoys setting and striving toward her own goals. I appreciate her straightforwardness in class, and her ability to often think outside the box- bringing new ideas to light.”

Lily Gould, 11th Grade

“Lily is an incredibly hard-working, conscientious, caring student. Her work in the classroom and the mindfulness she puts into everything are second-to-none. She is a vital part of the Model UN club, putting in work that goes above and beyond to help make the club function during these difficult times. In class, she’s a leader in discussion and work ethic.”

Analisa Martino, 11th Grade

“Analisa is deserving of the ROTM award. She is a fully remote student but has not allowed that to change her level of involvement in her classes, the effort she puts forward in everything she does, and the care with which she operates. She does this for all the right reasons, while also keeping herself involved in the school community in Cross Country and as the secretary of Model UN.”

Laelani George, 12th Grade

“Laelani works very hard in all of her classes. She has shown tremendous improvement, especially in PE. She contributes to class discussion in a positive way, and is willing to persevere when assignments are challenging.”

Leia Herrington, 12th Grade

“Leia is a student who will always ask the right questions. She provides wisdom to any discussion and is a model student academically. Leia is a quiet leader in group projects and is willing to take on any task. She carefully evaluates comments and suggestions from classmates to create the best product for the group. Leia is a positive force who is always respectful, tries to help out anyone in need, and works very hard for success in the classroom. One of my favorite things about Leia is how she constantly makes great connections between previous things that she has learned/experienced and the new topics we are engaging in. I was thankful for Leia’s keen perception when we analyzed the story of the “Radium Girls” in Physics. She brought up many important points about understanding the experience of these young women in the 1920s, and how we can extend these lessons to our lives today.”

Riders of the Month Pictures