Riders of the Month

Ichabod Crane Middle School is proud to honor our students who demonstrate our school district’s mission and community values. These students have been recognized by middle school teachers and staff for exemplifying what it means to be an Ichabod Crane Rider. They exhibit all-around good character, morals and demonstrate Rider values and Rider pride in the classroom, in sports, arts, music, and in the community.

The program complements the Rider of the Month program launched at Ichabod Crane High School a few years ago. Students receive a certificate as well as an ice cream coupon donated by Stewarts.



Scroll past names for pictures.

Brinley Stead: Brinley is an exceptional student. She is responsible, helpful, kind and caring. Brinley is consistently offering help to fellow students and her teacher. She is a conscientious and diligent student. Brinley is kind-hearted; she is always worried about others and helping her classmates to succeed. Brinley is a true role model for her peers. She deserves this recognition. It is a pleasure to recommend her for this award.

Cassandra Oakes: Cassie is a repsonsible, caring, kind, and sensitive young lady. She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and her teacher. Cassie is also a very hard-working student who always puts forth her best effort. Even when things can be difficult for Cassie, she pushes through and never gives up. Cassie is a role model for her peers and deserves to be recognized. Keep up the great work Cassie!!

Brayton Weaver: Brayton Weaver is an outstanding student. He calmly and quietly produces excellent work which is always high quality and on time. Brayton is always quick to lend a helping hand which is one reason why he has so many friends. Also, Brayton can always be relied upon to participate enthusiastically class, which is one reason why his teachers like him so much! I am happy to nominate Brayton for Ichabod Crane Rider of the Month.

Sophia Krambeck: Our team is proud to present Sophia Krambeck as a Rider of the Month. Sophia’s work has shown great improvement and we appreciate her dedication to her academic success. Sophia is also an incredible help within the classroom, volunteering for tasks before being asked to do so. We also greatly appreciate her sense of humor and her wonderful smile.

Valerie Kopec: Valerie is an exceptional and unique young lady. We are very proud to present her this award as a Rider of the Month. Valerie works very hard at her academics and makes classroom discussions more interesting with her insights and perspective. Valerie is a strong, independent young lady and she deserves recognition as such.

Kasey Fitzsimmons: Kasey has truly stepped it up in 6th grade. Kasey displays her intelligence in fruitful classroom discussions and in her fine writing products. Kasey keeps her family a top priority, like her education, and is a good role model for her peers. Thanks, Kasey, for working for success in middle school.

Madeleine Casey: – Maddie is hard-working and is a conscientious student. Her work is neat. thorough, and always high in quality. She clearly cares about the way she presents herself to others and always puts her best foot forward! This is true not only for academic work but the way she treats others as well. She is kind and respectful and works well with everyone. Maddie’s contributions to her classes are noticed and appreciated!

Ava Scali: Ava is being recognized as Rider of the Month. She is hardworking and excels in all her academic subjects. She is also very kind and considerate to others in her class. She is respectful towards her teachers and is a self-motivated learner. She shows all the characteristics that a Rider of the Month should have. Great job Ava!

Kiley Melanson: Kiley is a prime example of an ICMS Rider. Middle school presents changes, challenges, and successes, and Kiley shines in this spotlight. She balances her daily schedule, events, and commitments with her stellar effort with her schoolwork. She is always smiling and promoting positivity with her peers. She also sets extremely high standards and pushes herself to do better each time. We are thankful to have Kiley on our team!

Brady Tart:Team 7 would like to recognize Brady for his continued growth in seventh grade. Brady maintains his focus and has experienced success all throughout the year. He is an example to his peers that hard work pays off. We are happy to have Brady has a role model and look forward to his continued middle school victories!

Brendan Lockmer: Team 7/8 is pleased to award Rider of the Month to Brendan Lockmer. Brendan is an asset to his classes and is very respectful to his peers. He is actively involved in Student Council and in DC Club. Brendan puts forth exceptional effort every day while being an invaluable part of our team. Congratulations, Brendan!

Liliana Heartquist: The split team is pleased to announce that Liliana Heartquist is our 8th grade Rider of the Month for February. Lily is a very hard worker in all of her classes. She has a positive attitude towards her peers and her teachers. She always puts lots of effort into her projects and writing assignments. She has a very bright future here at Ichabod Crane and we are looking forward to watching her mature and grow into a successful and responsible adult. Congratulations Lily.

Ewan McComb: Team 8 is happy to announce our February Rider of the Month is Ewan McComb. Ewan is a hard worker. He has quietly and steadily worked this year to achieve wonderful grades. Ewan is the type of student who can be counted on to work with anyone of any ability and always tries to help in any way he can. He is always very cooperative and polite to his teachers and all of his classmates. Finally, Ewan consistently demonstrates that he is a young man of integrity and good character. Congratulations Ewan and keep up the good work!

Angela Coronado: Team 8 is excited to announce that our February Rider of the Month is Angela Coronado. Angela is an excellent student! She is an independent worker who strives to do her best in academics. She can be depended on to her work done every day and done well. Angela is polite and considerate. We think she is very deserving of this award! Great job Angela!

Alyssa Dugan: Alyssa is a wonderful student who is both kind and conscientious. She works well with others and is willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Alyssa always has her hand raised to contribute to classroom discussions and lessons. Congratulations Alyssa!