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Capital Project Phase II Construction has been moving along smoothly through the summer months and we’re happy to announce that it will continue uninterrupted with the start of the school year. We have been working with our Project Manager, Turner Construction, to create a safe and minimally disruptive plan as students begin returning to the building. We invite you to read a quick rundown of the safety procedures and precautions that the onsite contractors will follow this fall and through the upcoming year.


All contractors receive orientation training from Turner Construction during their first week on site. Like any visitor to an Ichabod Crane school, all contractors are also cleared through the district’s Raptor Technologies Screening System before being allowed to enter and remain on site.  

Contractors will have their own separate parking, restroom and break areas which means they will not interfere with day-to-day student life. If at some point contractors do need to enter student occupied spaces of buildings, they will contact our district Facilities Manager, Steven Marotta. He will then work with them to determine the least disruptive way for them to efficiently enter and exit those spaces. In those rare instances, contractors will also be accompanied by an Ichabod staff member. Rest assured that many of the contractors have worked in school settings before and are well versed at not interfering with students or staff.  

Contractors will arrive at different hours than students and will only park at the Construction Staging Area near the Maintenance Building or in the parking lot near the tennis courts. Their break areas will only be at the construction sites or staging area, which are off-limits to students.               

Particularly during the early weeks of the school year, Turner management staff will closely supervise construction to ensure operations run smoothly as our students return to school.

COVID-19 Precautions

During their initial onsite training, Turner briefs all workers on Ichabod’s COVID-19 safety precautions and all workers are already following COVID safety measures. Since there will be no co-mingling between students and contractors, there should be little to no concern of virus transmission between them. 

Middle School

For Fall 2020, construction work will be in the 100 Wing of the Middle School. Contractors will use separate entrances and exits into the 100 Wing. Other than in an emergency, there should be no situation in which students and contractors use the same entrances and exits. Additionally, contractors will have their own designated restrooms.     

Construction noise levels will be monitored during school hours and any work that is anticipated to go above a certain decibel will be scheduled for before or after school hours.     

High School

During the fall, work will continue in the Guidance and Art Suites with temporary wall partitions separating students from the contractors and construction sites. As in the Middle School, contractors will have their own separate entrances, exits and restrooms which means they will not need to cross paths with students. Noise levels will be monitored and handled in the same manner as in the Middle School as well.