Board of Education

The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of our school district. Nine members serve on the Board, without pay, and are elected to three-year terms. Board elections take place in May along with the annual school budget vote.

The Ichabod Crane Board of Education can be reached via email at
Emails sent to the above address go to the Board Clerk for further distribution to Board members.

2021 Board of Education Election

On May 18, 2021, residents elected Jared Widjeskog, Jennifer Allard and Anne Schaefer to the Board of Education. Each seat on the board is for a 3-year term. The terms for Mr. Widjeskog and Ms. Allard begin on May 19, 2021, while Ms. Schaefer’s term begins on July 1, 2021.

Residents also approved a $43,878,924 budget for the 2021-2022 school year by a vote of 874 (yes) to 402 (no).

The Next Board of Education Meeting(s) Are:

Date: Tuesday, September 14

Time: 7:00 PM

Place: Middle School Cafeteria (live stream:


Supporting Documents:

The Next Board of Education Committee Meetings Are:

Audit Committee: Tuesday, September 28 at 5:45 pm in the Central Office Conference Room

2021-2022 Board of Education Members

          • Jennifer Allard (2024)
          • Elaine Berlin (2023)
          • John Chandler (2023)
          • Kelly Firmbach (2023)
          • Matthew Nelson (2022), President of the Board
          • Jeffrey Ouellette (2022)
          • Elizabeth Phillips (2022), Vice President of the Board
          • Anne Schaefer (2024)
          • Jared Widjeskog (2024)

Student Board Representative(s)

The 2021-2022 Student Board Representative(s) are:

      • Daniel Chen
      • Lillian Gould (alternate student representative)

Board of Education Meeting Dates, 2021-2022*

*Please note dates are subject to change

View the full schedule of the 2021-2022 board meeting dates here. These dates were approved at the Annual Board Organizational Meeting on July 13, 2021.