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Staff Resources

On this page, staff members will find an array of helpful resources and downloadable forms relating to health and dental insurance, payroll, policies, the state’s college savings program and much more.

General Staff Resources

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Paid Family Leave Information

NYS Paid Family Leave for COVID-19
Employee Use of Leave Time

Each ICCSD employee is entitled to leave under the provisions of New York State Paid Family Leave for COVID-19. Please see below for information on how/when to access COVID-related leave.

Please note: The information provided below remains pertinent even after the recent updates made by the CDC to its COVID-19 guidance. The COVID Leave Act is still active until July 31, 2024 according to the Governor’s budget summary.

Use of Leave Time Related to COVID: 

  • If you test positive and wish to access paid leave during a quarantine/isolation (up to 6 consecutive calendar days, counting days 0-5), and are otherwise eligible to take such leave, please submit a lab-confirmed, positive COVID test to Angela Cowan, acowan@ichabodcrane.org, ext. 3002.
  • Employees are limited to only three instances of paid COVID leave (which includes any paid COVID leaves taken since March, 2020).
  • Employees are entitled to 14 days of paid COVID-19 sick leave per quarantine/isolation if symptoms persist.
    • This allows for up to 14 calendar days (10 business days) of paid leave (equal to the pay that the employee would have otherwise received for the 14-day period).
  • If your child or a member of your household tests positive for COVID, you may use family sick time or personal business time, if available. No lab-confirmed positive COVID test is required.

Recording Days in Aesop/Requesting a Substitute: 

  • Leave time should be entered as personal sick, family sick, or business leave based on the circumstances in accordance with guidelines as outlined above. Anyone who feels the days should be covered as paid COVID-related leave should record the absence under personal sick leave and immediately contact Angela Cowan, acowan@ichabodcrane.org,  ext. 3002, to provide documentation and to ensure the proper use of COVID leave time is recorded. 

For more information, visit our COVID-19 Resources page on our website.

A link to the NYS FAQ can be found here: New York Paid Family Leave COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions

Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance through Benetech

Health Insurance Form (to be used for qualifying event)

Health Insurance open enrollment – annually during the month of May

Insurance Buy-Out Forms available from our Treasurer, Mena Mazure, ext. 3006

Buy Out Info – see contract

COBRA – contact Benetech

Dental Insurance Information

Dental Insurance Form (CSEA members only)

ICTA members see union representative for dental insurance information


Employees Assistance Program

EAP Information

EAP Orientation Video


Flexible Spending Account (FSA):

FSA information available through Benetech

FSA Dependent Care Expense Claim Form

FSA Medical Recovery Form

FSA Eligible & Ineligible Expenses

Health Reimbursement Account- TAs

Benetech Consumer Portal Quickstart Guide


Mileage Form

Mileage Form Example

Mileage Reimbursement Procedures


NYS 529 College Savings Program:

NY Saves Website

Steps to Enroll



Payroll Calendar Dates for 2024-2025

Payroll Calendar Dates for 2023-2024

Payroll Calendar Dates for 2022-2023

Revised Payroll Calendar Dates 2021-2022 (Updated March 18, 2022)

Direct Deposit Form

Salary Election Form

Hourly Payroll Claim Form (CO 41)

Home Tutoring Payroll Claim (CO-2)

Payroll Codes


Retirement information and resources:


NYS Deferred Compensation Link

NYS Teachers Retirement Link – TRS

OSC Pension Site Link – Employee Retirement System (ERS)

Pension Projection Link (use this link to project what your pension will be when you retire)


Sick Bank:

Request for Withdrawal of Sick Days

Sick Leave Bank Waiver Form


Tax Forms:

NYS Tax Form IT-2104

Federal Tax Form W-4

Apps, Software & Subscription Requests:

Staff must be signed into their Google accounts to view these links and complete the form.

Other forms:

Claim Form

Stipend Claim Form

Surplus & Obsolete Form

Donation Form (related to Policy #1800- Gifts from the Public)

Science Lab Payroll Claim Form

Employee’s Report of Injury/Illness

Food Set-Up Request Form

Accident Claim Form

Accident Claim Form (in Spanish)

Instructional Information

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Class Roster and Scores

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Template



Substitute Teacher/TA Handbook & Guide