Mindy Potts, District Tax Liaison  

Phone: 518-758-7575, Ext. 3001

Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM

School District Property Look-up

School tax information for district properties is available online.

School Tax Collection Dates and Information

View the 2021-2022 Ichabod Crane Central District Tax Collection Notice. 

School Tax Collection with No Penalty is 9/1/21-9/30/21

School Tax Collection with a 2% Penalty is 10/1/21-10/30/21

County Treasurer Office collection dates are 11/16/21-11/30/21

School tax bills arrive annually via USPS mail during the first week of September. 

The school district collects taxes for 60 days. After that period any unpaid taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer Office (Columbia or Rensselaer). Please contact your County Treasurer’s Office or Town Office with any questions regarding unpaid taxes after the aforementioned 60 days. 

Columbia County Treasurer Office: 518-828-0513

Rensselaer County Treasurer Office: 518-270-2780
You can also visit at any time to check for up to date information on your tax bill as of the end of the 60 day district collection time period.
** Please note: taxes will not be collected on the following holidays: Labor Day and Columbus Day
Credit Card Payments Accepted for School Taxes

The Ichabod Crane Board of Education accepts online credit card payments for school tax bills. Taxpayers may access this service online here. Although the Bank of Greene County will still be accepting payments by check or cash, as they have in prior years, the option to pay by credit card is available only online.

While the District incurs no costs for making this service available, those taxpayers taking advantage of this new service should be aware there will be a convenience fee charged by Municipay for processing the credit card payments. Taxpayers will be charged 2.65% of their tax bills or a minimum of $3 convenience fee charged when paying by credit card.