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ICC Departments

  • Adult Education: ICC welcomes the opportunity to provide continuing education programs in arts and crafts, finance, physical fitness, and new driver training.
  • Art Department: The district-wide department is committed to enriching our students’ lives through the study and experience of art-making. We offer students a diverse program based on the history of art, individual personal expression, critical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • Athletics: ICC has three athletic seasons — fall, spring and spring — offering dozens of sports. Participating on an athletic team is a privilege which results in many positive outcomes for our student-athletes.
  • Counseling (K-12): Our School Counselors and Psychologists guide and support all students to help them reach their full potential academically and socially so that they become well-rounded, responsible members of society.
  • Facilities: Their team maintains all of the campus’ buildings and grounds, including the upkeep of our complex HVAC systems, roads, athletic fields, and much more. The department is also responsible for testing and monitoring the district’s water supply.
  • Food Services: Every day, this department serves nutritious and well-balanced meals (breakfast and lunch) to hundreds of students K-12. ICC participates in the National School Lunch Program providing nutritious meals for students free or at a reduced price of 25 cents. Free or reduced-priced meals are provided daily based on household size and income.
  • Health Services: Our health providers monitor the wellbeing of all students K-12, and provide spaces where students and staff can go when feeling ill. In addition, the team works tirelessly to connect students and their families to the outside services they require — as well as stay up-to-date on the latest guidances and recommendations coming from local, state and federal agencies, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Performing Arts: ICC’s Music Department offers a comprehensive program that promotes a love of music while teaching students to be independent musician. Many of our students go on to prestigious musical schools. The district also hosts the Crane Acting Troupe, which is self-supporting co-curricular activity open to students in grades 7 through 12 under the advisement of music and theatre teacher Gail Nadeem Helfer.
  • Special Education: Special education is specially-designed instruction to meet the unique needs of students with educational disabilities. In accordance with state and federal regulations, Ichabod Crane Central School District is committed to providing each student a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment (LRE) to meet the academic, social, and physical needs of each student.
  • Technology: This department manages the district’s educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and to create opportunities for students and staff across all grades, and departments.
  • Transportation: The staff manage the district’s public and private bus routes, making sure our students have access to free transportation to and from school on a daily basis.