Closings and Delays

Using Emergency Closure Days (“Snow Days”) and Delays

How will I know if the classes are canceled due to inclement weather?

We use multiple methods to inform families about snow days and delays with as much notice as possible. These include email alerts, text message alerts, posting on the district website and informing the local news networks.

There may be times when we will announce that school opening may be delayed one or two hours.  If that occurs, all bus routes will run one or two more hours late than normal. This delay gives us the opportunity to make a more thorough assessment of weather conditions, permits road crews to plow and sand (especially on secondary roads), and often allows us to analyze the situation in the daylight.  We urge you to keep tuned to your radio, television or computer in any event because the delay may still result in a school closing as the situation develops.

Early Closings
Once students are picked up by their bus and delivered to school, we will make every attempt not to release them to go home before the regular bus run.  We will try to avoid any early dismissal for weather reasons unless advised that it is safer to dismiss school. If we do dismiss school early we will activate our automated phone system which will notify your designated emergency contacts of our closing.  All students will be transported to the site you designated on the Emergency Contact Sheet at the beginning of the school year. Please keep this contact information updated and share and review this information with your children to minimize any confusion if there is an emergency. Through the cooperation of the road crews within our towns, preparation to plow and sand just prior to our dismissals is planned.  We, therefore, will not send children home early except under severe conditions.

Phone Calls
In the event of a closing, delay or any other emergency situation, we ask that you do not call the school’s office directly so we can make every effort to keep lines open for information.

Buses Are Safe
Buses have proven to be reliable and stable vehicles in inclement weather and our drivers exercise extreme caution. Please know that the safety and welfare of our children is our first and foremost concern.