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Closings and Delays

Using Emergency Closure Days and Delays

We use multiple methods to inform families about district closures and delays. This includes sending email alerts, text message alerts, posting on the district website and informing the local news networks.


In certain situations, district administrators may decide to delay the opening the district. We will notify our students’ designated contacts via emails and text messages. Additionally, we post all relevant information on our website’s homepage. If we decide to close the district, we will use these same communication channels to provide updates.

Early Closings

If district officials decide to close schools early, students who ride our buses will be transported to the address designated on their transportation schedule, which is a mandatory form that is typically filled out during registration. Please keep this contact information updated and share and review this information with your children to minimize any confusion if there is an emergency.

Phone Calls

In the event of a closing, delay or any other emergency situation, we ask that you do not call the school’s office directly so we can make every effort to keep lines open for information.