Board Committees

Ichabod Crane Board Committees and their respective members are listed below. Committee meetings minutes will be available below once approved.

*Indicates Committee Chair

Academics and Curriculum Committee
Jennifer Allard, Elizabeth Phillips*, Anne Schaefer
Alternate: John Chandler

Audit Committee
Jennifer Allard, John Chandler*,  Jeffrey Ouellette
Alternate: Elizabeth Phillips

Budget and Finance Committee
John Chandler, Kelly Firmbach*, Anne Schaefer
Alternate: Jeffrey Ouellette

Communications & Public Affairs Committee
Kelly Firmbach, Elizabeth Phillips, Jared Widjeskog
Alternate: Anne Schaefer

Committee on Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in Education (District-Level Committee)
Elaine Berlin, Jared Widjeskog

Facilities Committee
Jennifer Allard*,  Elaine Berlin, Kelly Firmbach
Alternate: Matthew Nelson

Policy Committee
Elaine Berlin*, John Chandler, Anne Schaefer
Alternate: Jennifer Allard

Superintendent Evaluation/Goals Committee
Elaine Berlin, Jared Widjeskog, Matthew Nelson*
Alternate: Jeffrey Ourllette

Negotiations Committee for All Bargaining Units
Elizabeth Phillips, Matthew Nelson*, Jared Widjeskog
Alternate: Kelly Firmbach