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Update (August 26, 2020): The calendar has been updated with clarified and detailed language. There is also a point-by-point Detailed Reopening Breakdown document for your reference.

View Revised September 2020 Reopening Calendar

View the Detailed Reopening Breakdown Document

Original Posting (August 25, 2020)

After careful consideration based on feedback from stakeholders, we have made adjustments to our reopening schedule for September.  Rather than all K-12 returning for in-person and remote learning on September 9, our students will now return for the school year gradually and on a staggered schedule. The revised reopening schedule is outlined in the calendar linked below. In the calendar, PD=Professional Development

View the revised and updated Ichabod Crane Reopening Schedule for September 2020 (Updated: August 26)


We came to the decision to change the reopening schedule for a number of reasons.

  • A staggered return schedule provides staff valuable time and physical space to ensure safety procedures run smoothly and efficiently before all students return. This means more time to refine procedures like student drop off/pick up, temperature scanning at the doors, finding new classrooms in less crowded hallways, practicing social distancing, mask wearing & mask breaks and food distribution at mealtimes. With this new schedule, only a small number of people return to campus at once. 
  • Teachers now have additional time to prepare lessons, activities and classes for students. Adjustments in curriculum and instructional approach are needed as a result of the current situation.  The added time will be used to collaborate and develop more effective and engaging plans for both full time remote and in-person learning. 
  • K-12 full remote learning will be completed by Ichabod Crane teachers which requires additional time and preparation for staff.  We are committed to providing full remote instruction by Ichabod Crane teachers to students in K-12 who have opted out of in-person learning. This is a new challenge and instructional approach for faculty and requires additional professional development, planning and collaboration time. This revised schedule is crucial to providing this needed time.
  • The Transportation Department can slowly introduce and refine new safety procedures and bus runs. With fewer students riding the bus, new procedures can be introduced more effectively such as student temperature scans when boarding, mask wearing and social distancing. It also gives more time to refine any of the initial minor delays that can come with restarting student transportation in any school year, like drivers learning new routes.    
  • Nurses and Health Services staff have the time they need to perfect health and safety procedures. These include collecting student medications, practicing new safety procedures (ex. Isolating symptomatic students for parent pick-up, etc.), communicating with families about specific student health needs and more.  
  • The revised schedule provides a less overwhelming experience for our staff, students and their families as they return after such a long school closure, particularly those students returning in person.  

Providing a safe learning environment for our students and staff remains at the heart of our reopening plan. This schedule can be looked at as a “Soft Reopening” for the district rather than one single reopening day as previously planned. We can now address any potential or unforeseen issues in our reopening plans quickly and efficiently as we implement the many new procedures and protocols.   

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing all your students back for the 2020-2021 school year next month. 


If you have questions about the revised reopening plans, please reach out to your student’s building administrator or one of our department supervisors below.

High School: Craig Shull (cshull@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 4002)
Middle School: Tim Farley/Anthony Marturano (tfarley@ichabodcrane.org, amarturano@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 5002/5007)
Primary School: Andrea Williams (awilliams@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 6002)
Facilities: Steven Marotta (smarotta@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 3501)
Transportation: Dan Doyle (ddoyle@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 3551)
Food Services: Todd DiGrigoli (tdigrigoli@ichabodcrane.org or 518-758-7575 ext. 3016)