Congratulations to the Primary School students honored for displaying the January 2021 Character Trait: HONESTY!

Due to the safety measures in place this year, we could not gather the students together for the traditional group photo. Principal Williams took the certificates to each classroom for individual/pair pictures or had families send a picture in.

Scroll past pictures for student names or click here.

Johannah Dunn
Spencer Newman
Emily Wu
Nicholas Farcher
Jesus Martinez
Lizzy Cromie
Liam Denton
Isabella Cruz Loyola
Michell Gonyea
Jeffrey Dedrick
Axel DeSautell
Ella Moran
Dottie Scoville
Lyla Pinkowski
Adam White
Annabelle Geddes
David Feiss
Hunter Wilson
Bayley Allsop
Julia Darman
Emily Pike
Olivia Flores
Riley Richards
Bentley Renault
Elsie McCarthy
Daysie Novak
Ziva Berger-Tzabar
Lucas Dixon
Giovannie Torres
Brynn McDonald
Lily Altomer
Oliver Bartels
Lilly Kisselback
Kimberly Gomez-Martinez
Jorge Guzman-Rojas
Samuel Gartner
Jolene O’Donnell
Everett Austin
Cody Meehan
Bratten Bowen
Quinn McCarthy
Liam Welch
Kaydence Vinchiarello
Arrow Corbett
Cory Brod Jr.
Noah Graham
Nathan Joralemon
Anne Sayers
Sharlymar Barrios-Lopez
Abigail Stever
Lana Nelson
Evran Beaudin
Conley Bopp
Amilia Dalaudiere-Baoud
Laela Fix
Nicole Gonzalez
Anthony Pelizza
Elias Maillet