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The following message was emailed to all grade 7-12 families on Friday, March 5. It contains information about introducing a synchronous instruction model for students in those grades starting on Monday, March 15.

Good afternoon, Students, Parents and Guardians, 

We are writing to let you know about some updates to our educational program.  Beginning on March 15th, teachers in grades 7-12 will be using a model of synchronous instruction where students will be required to be on a Google Meet. The goal is to increase student engagement and ensure more face-to-face interactions and structure on remote days.  Please see below for some reminders and guidelines.

    • When home on remote days, students are expected to follow their daily schedule, arrive to class on time, log into Google Classroom and attend Google Meets as assigned by their teachers.
    • Absence Reporting – If a student is going to be absent from class, parents should contact the attendance clerk at each building.
      • This also applies to students who are absent from in-person class but are attending class remotely.  Attendance clerks must be informed. (518.758.7575 x5001 for MS and x4001 for HS)
Remote Learning Protocol:
  • Students are required to be on camera during virtual sessions.
      • Being “face-to-face” with students allows teachers to better assess understanding, engagement, and to encourage participation.
      • This also facilitates relationship building which is vitally important in any educational setting.
  • Students should be seated at a desk, table, or another appropriate setting.  
      • Lights should be on in the room.
      • Students should not be laying in bed during class.
  • Students who log in to a virtual session and are then completely unresponsive to the teacher will be marked absent for the period.
      • If a student is unable to respond during class due to a microphone or camera malfunction, please email or message the teacher as soon as possible so they are immediately aware of the problem.
  • Reduce distractions.  
      • Students should not be on cell phones or playing video games during class time.
  • Students are required to follow school rules while in Google Meets.  
For Parents/Guardians:
  • Please try to provide a quiet and consistent space for your child(ren) to access their remote learning responsibilities.
    • We realize that it is not always possible to have a dedicated space for each child, however, your help in minimizing distractions, setting expectations and emphasizing the importance of school time will go a long way.                                                                        

Thank you for your assistance in making the remote learning experience as meaningful as possible. Please contact your child’s school with any questions regarding these guidelines.


Lucas Christensen, Assistant Superintendent
Craig Shull, High School Principal
Tony Marturano, Middle School Principal
Tim Farley, Middle School Principal