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This week, students at the high school participated in a Scavenger Hunt. Students were partnered using a word or phrase from the unity quotes posted on the welcome back bulletin board. A staff member was also partnered with each group, and students needed to find each other and the staff member through their shared word. The first group to find one another won Amazon gift cards. Prizes were also awarded to the next two groups finding each other.

The winners – Had the word ‘collaboration’, 9th  – Sophia Hlavac, 10th – Hector Loyola Bautista, 11th – Alexis Cintron, 12th – Brian VanAllen Hamm, staff  – Mrs. Sgambelluri. Congratulations!

What a fun way to reconnect with one another and have some fun!

At the Middle School, students in grades 6-8 scoured the building searching for hidden UNITY letters – they might have been on bulletin boards, in books, or on teachers!

During the elementary school scavenger hunt , students had to locate school employees and thank them and have their pictures taken with them.