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Today we welcomed our students back for the first day of classes in 2022!  I am excited to start the second half of the school year alongside all of you. The holiday recess was a welcomed break for our school community and I hope it offered all a chance to relax and rejuvenate. While the 2021-22 school year has not been a complete return to normalcy and has had its challenges, we have remained focused on bringing back as many activities as possible for our students and our families. Our extracurricular and athletic activities have returned and most importantly, all our students have returned to full in-person instruction.  

As we begin the new year and reflect on the holiday season, I would like to recognize the amazing efforts of our school district and community. Throughout December, the generosity of everyone in the District was on full display.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the various fundraisers, donation drives, and charity events that benefited those in need!

At the Primary School, our students, faculty, community members, local churches and businesses came together to help 16 families. The Middle School put together an Angel Tree. In total, more than 350 gifts were collected, benefitting 23 families.

The High School provided more than 300 gifts to 24 different families during the holidays. The school also adopted The Grand  (Barnwell) Nursing Home and was able to give all 240 residents a gift basket or bag, which included hand cream, word finds, lip balm, cards, stuffed animals, and more.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, there are many exciting and fun events once again happening inside our buildings on a daily basis, and we are committed to continuing this throughout the year. The Festival of Trees returned with a new outdoor venue, and our Winter concerts were run in-person with spectators!

December’s District-wide monthly theme was Responsibility. The Primary School celebrated by holding a read aloud with Ms. Williams and the Middle School had the Grinch read aloud. Students in both buildings displayed their creations in their respective schools. High School students wrote how they could be responsible on hearts and a raffle was held prior to break. Seeing all of the hard work of our students coupled with their smiles is always inspiring and uplifting.

To view some of the great activities that took place prior to break, click here.

As we near the half-way mark of the 2021-22 school year, it is a good time for parents to reflect with their children on their goals for the remainder of the year. We all need to remain focused, take small steps to achieve big goals, and finish the second half of the 21-22 school year strong! 

A  top priority of administration remains the health and safety of our school community. Please note that we are monitoring the evolving health and safety protocols and are continuing to work closely with CCDOH to keep our doors open while mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in school. We encourage families to follow all health protocols, including the wearing of masks, social distancing, and keeping students who are sick home from school. 


Last Tuesday, December 28, Governor Hochul pledged millions of test kits for school districts, provided to them by their local Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).  At this time  QUESTAR III BOCES has received the tests and we are preparing for distribution to families on Tuesday, January 4. We currently have a limited supply of one kit (containing two tests) per student only. 

Please review the information below carefully for specifics on how interested families can obtain one test kit per student:

  • On Tuesday, January 4 from 3 – 7 pm, there will be a test kit distribution location set up at each of our three schools. Please note home testing is voluntary. Families interested in obtaining a home test kit can do so at a distribution location based on the first letter of their oldest child’s last name. Each family will be provided one test kit per student and all allowable kits can be obtained in one convenient location as indicated below:    
    • Primary School Lobby: First letter of the oldest child’s last name beginning with  A through H
    • Middle School Lobby:  First letter of the oldest child’s last name beginning with  I through Q
    • High School Lobby: First letter of the oldest child’s last name beginning with R through Z  
  • Families who are unable to pick up test kits on Tuesday, can stop by any school’s main office beginning Wednesday, January 5th through Friday, January 7th.  The greeter in each building will have tests available for those who were unable to pick them up on Tuesday. After Friday, any remaining tests will be utilized in our school health offices.    
  • A parent/guardian signature is required in order to pick up the at-home tests. Tests will not be sent home with students in backpacks.   
  • Students who test positive on one of these take-home tests should immediately report their results to the school nurse and begin isolating. Students are required to isolate at home for 10 days and may return to school on day 11 if symptoms have resolved. Currently, students cannot test out of this 10-day isolation period.
  • Students who test positive using an at-home testing kit are strongly encouraged to obtain a lab-confirmed COVID test. Please visit https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you to find a nearby testing site.

By working together, we have been able to keep our doors open for in-person instruction through the first half of the school year. We have all seen how rapidly the latest variant of COVID-19 can spread. Please take even minor symptoms students may be experiencing seriously. Sending a student in for even one day with minor symptoms could have a wide-ranging effect on classmates, staff and school operations. If your child has symptoms, please keep them home and follow current health and safety protocols.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to successfully navigate another unique school year together.  

Suzanne Guntlow
Superintendent of Schools
Ichabod Crane Central School District