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Ichabod Crane Central School District Superintendent Suzanne Guntlow has announced the decision of the 2022 Wall of Fame Committee, who voted Wednesday evening to induct 4 honorees into the Wall of Fame for 2022.

The Wall of Fame honors distinguished community members notable for their outstanding accomplishments, dedicated service, and significant contributions to the District. These individuals serve as role models for Ichabod Crane students.

The 2022 Wall of Fame inductees are:

· Patricia Westover – Distinguished Faculty Member
· Jennifer Kline – Distinguished Faculty Member
· Shirley McThenia – Distinguished Faculty Member
· Michael Buono – Distinguished Community Member

The Wall of Fame award recognizes the contributions of a diverse group of district stakeholders who exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral character. District alumni, former employees, and community members are eligible to be nominated. The Wall of Fame committee is made up of 3 Board of Education members, 3 teachers, 2 administrators, 3 support staff members, 3 high school seniors, and 2 parents/community members. Nominees must receive 70% of the Committee vote to be selected.

An induction ceremony for awardees and their families will be held at the High School on April 28th.