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Remidee Delaney always shows consideration and regard for everyone. She is thoughtful of others’ feelings and is constantly ready to help others.







Alana Wellhausen is a kind and conscientious student who is always willing to share. She is very trustworthy and honest when talking to her teachers and peers.







Kaden Blasi has really shown perseverance this month. He is consistently present in class. He has been really working hard to accomplish his goals in English class and English Seminar. He is striving for progress while balancing a lot in his life. I appreciate Kaden’s perseverance this month and hope he continues to push through hardships in the future.







Jeff Busta is doing a great job and working hard in his classes. He stays after to complete assignments and always has a positive attitude.







Hayle Profera is a natural leader. Hayle has taken the role of President of the Riders Marching Band very seriously and has gone beyond expectations. Hayle welcomes every new member and takes an interest in getting to know them. She arrives early, delegates jobs, takes attendance, helps with getting the uniforms ready and she hands out music for others. During the off season, Hayle continued to make plans for future rehearsals and is already planning next year’s activities. She is a true gem and a steady presence in the music suite.







Madeleine Kelley goes about her day quietly but she is a steady presence in the music suite.  She is kind, thoughtful and works hard to be a person you can count on.  Maddie’s perspective in life is grounded in solid morals that starts with a strong work ethic.  She works hard in school, in athletics and in being a great friend to many.







Lily Siver is an incredible person.  She is kind, genuine, and is always willing to help a classmate or staff member.  Lily is always willing to give a kind smile or offer kind words to anyone.  Lily is active in clubs at school and she works hard to make our school a better place.  Lily is a fantastic person and she makes everyone around her happy and feel appreciated.







Sasha George is a friendly person who sees the good in people and wants to make our world a better place.  She is polite, respectful, and cares deeply about others.  Sasha is a positive influence and is a great example of an Ichabod Crane Rider!