Capital Projects

The 2018 Capital Project Improvement Proposal was approved by voters on December 12, 2018.


(May 8, 2019) Project architects, CSArch, gave a presentation at the May 7, 2019, Board of Education meeting about the current status of the Capital Improvement Project. You can view their presentation, including preliminary design blueprints, below:


(January 10, 2019) As 2019 begins, we want to give the Ichabod Crane community an update on our Capital Improvement Project, which voters approved on December 12, 2018.

We are now in the Schematic Design (SD) Phase, which lasts January-March 2019. During this phase, the architects (CSArch Architecture), construction management (Turner Construction) and the District conduct field visits to evaluate the buildings affected by project construction. These visits encompass the majority of investigative testing (ex. asbestos, geotechnical, etc.) and photographing & measuring worksites. We are holding ongoing bi-weekly Owner, Architect and Construction Management (OACM) Meetings to discuss project progress. A preliminary design concept is completed by the end of the SD Phase.

All Ichabod Crane staff and faculty directly affected by project construction will be actively involved throughout the entirety of the SD Phase, ensuring an open, democratic process.

CSArch will attend our February 5 Board of Education meeting where they will present a detailed timeline of next steps and answer any questions from attending community members.

Below you can view an up-to-date proposed project schedule. We will update this schedule as needed and make revised versions publicly available.

  • January – September 2019: Design Phase
  • October 2019: Project Design Submitted to NYSED for Approval
  • October 2019 – July 2020: NYSED Review Period
  • September – October 2020: Bidding and Award of Contracts
  • November 2020 – September 2022: Construction Period


Informational Resources


Blueprints of each Ichabod Crane school building with highlighted areas of work (click to enlarge)


Capital Project Informational Video (Fall 2018)


Capital Project Overview Brochure(en Español)– updated 10/17/2018

Primary School Proposed Plan for Renovation – 9/13/2018

Middle School Proposed Plan for Renovation – 9/13/2018

High School Proposed Plan for Renovation – 9/13/2018

Map of Proposed Site Work – 9/13/2018

Proposed Security and Safety Improvements – 9/13/2018

Preliminary Cost Estimate & Scope of Work updated 9/18/2018

Estimated Financial Impact updated 9/26/2018

Current Photos of Proposed Improvement Sites – 9/13/2018

FAQ (Hand Out for Open Houses) | (en Español) – 9/18/2018




Capital Project Development Presentation (Board of Ed Community Forum)– 7/24/18 (details items the Board was considering during the development phase for possible inclusion)

In the Media


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Questions or Comments?


Community members who would like to contact the Board of Education with questions or feedback about the Capital Project can reach the Board via email at


Previous Capital Projects


Information on earlier capital projects is available here